Tips When Traveling On The Road With Your Kid

With a young child and maybe even a baby, it’s hard sometimes to deal with long hours in the car, especially if your child isn’t prepared to be sitting in that car for a long time. There are multiple people who know about caring for their kids, but not every single kid is going to be easy to deal with, and not all kids react the same way when they are in a car for a long period of time. With these tips, however, you’ll definitely succeed in the long run because you’ll be able to know how to deal with them during the car ride.

Safety Should Be First

Always understand that your child’s safety is the most important thing to remember. When your kid is secured completely in their car seat or seat belt, you’ll have more fun. The truth about this is that 70%of seat belts throughout the US are not properly installed, and this is why you want to make sure they are correctly in place for your kids. For the younger ones, a car seat may be needed. The Graco size4me may be required for your young baby or toddler to keep them safe, so make sure that you know how to properly care for your baby. It’s scary sometimes when your kids don’t have a safe place to be, so make the right investment for your kids’ safety.

- Bring Food And Snacks

Buying stuff at the local gas station every hour or so can be very expensive, so make the trip to a local store near your house before the trip and buy everything in bulk. For example, you can buy plenty of gummy worms and other chips for a bulk price. It saves you money and also helps allow your kids to have something nice to eat whenever they choose. Of course, bringing a water bottle and also some juices can also be very helpful. Snacks are great because they help keep your children full during your trip, and it will also help avoid problems regarding your kids getting cranky because of nothing good to eat.

Be Prepared For Accidents

The key is to make sure that you are prepared for any accidents that may occur with your kid. For example, have a lot of paper towels in hand to clean anything that they happen to drop. It’s safe to say that this is a good way to stay safe and avoiding any potential stains. A lot of wet wipes for the baby, diapers, and other extra clothing for your kids may also be helpful for you. Staying prepared is the key to succeed when dealing with your kids in a car.

- Games And Toys

Kids can get bored easily, but they can also be very entertained pretty easily as well. You could buy products from LeapFrog that may help ease their boredom when they aren’t asleep. You could also go for a more low-tech situation by simply buying coloring books, crayons, sticker games, and anything to help occupy their time. Bringing along some music to help keep everybody happy can also help with the trip.

Leaving Early In The Morning

This is definitely the best time to leave simply because it’s easier and allows for the kids to be able to be wiped off of their beds and into the car. They know it’s their time to sleep, so leaving at this time let’s them go to sleep and gives you, the driver, the ability to drive without much distractions. This makes it safe to say that you could also get to your destination early in the morning or in the early afternoon as well.

Traveling with kids is a big responsibility, and it does pose some challenges for those of you who have yet to experience being in a car with several kids for more than just a few hours. Long drives are hard to go through, but be patient and enjoy the ride with them. The key is to use the tricks above so that you make the ride easier on you and them, and so that there is less stress within everybody. Consider putting your time and energy in the right places by preparing the above tips before you head off to your destination, and it’ll be easier.

Staying Healthy: Essential Supplements For Your Body

Staying Healthy: Essential Supplements For Your Body

If you want to look and feel good about your body, you have to eat healthy foods. However, with the fast-paced culture everyone is living in, having the time to find and prepare the right foods to eat has become rare. Hence, you may not have any choice but to settle for the most accessible food you can eat regardless of its nutritional content. Fortunately, supplements have been created to provide the nutrition your everyday meals can’t provide. To make sure your body gets everything that it needs, you should take the following food supplements:

Calcium Supplements
Calcium is needed to keep your bones and teeth strong. People with calcium deficiency usually experience body pain and energy loss. To get your regular supply of calcium, take calcium supplements. The recommended dosage for calcium is 600mg a day with 400mg magnesium.

Vitamin D
This not only keeps your immune system working properly but it also helps your body absorb calcium. You may get some of it from sunlight but that won’t be enough for your body. But by taking Vitamin D supplements that have 1,000IU of content, you can enough vitamin D to keep your body healthy for the rest of the day.

It works by helping your body with the absorption of calcium but that’s not the only thing it does. It replenishes every single cell in your body and promotes a healthy nervous system. Also, it helps prevent hypertension, depression, osteoporosis and muscle cramps. The minimum recommended dosage for magnesium is 300mg a day.

Fish Oil
Omega 3 fat is needed to keep your heart and brain healthy. It works by reducing inflammation in your veins which reduce the risk of heart attack and other health problems. You can get your daily dose of Omega 3 by taking fish oil supplements. When consuming fish oil, make sure your dosage contains 600mg omega 3 fatty acids. While you’re at it, you might want to take fish oil during breakfast to avoid having fish burps.

Probiotics Supplement
Several studies have shown the benefits probiotics can provide the body. It can help prevent various diseases as well as promote digestive health. The good thing about probiotics is that they are complete safe for you because of their organic content. Before getting yourself a probiotics supplement, make sure you are getting the one with complete probiotic content.

ALA Supplement
ALA stands for Alpha lipoic acid. You may have not heard of it before but it can help your body a lot. ALA is an antioxidant that can get rid of every toxins or free radicals in the body. Not only that, it also regulates Vitamin C and E levels in your body to promote better health. ALA is not like any other antioxidants, it is fat soluble and is composed of water which allows it to do its work on every part of the body.

This popular mineral has been shown by studies to be a primary contributor in helping maintain cellular metabolism. It also helps out with functions such as healing of wounds, synthesis of protein, immune function and others. And since the body has no storage system for zinc, you will have to take zinc on a daily basis to get its benefits. Its daily recommended dosage is 8mg.

Vitamin C
This vitamin has been promoted by health experts for ages. It can strengthen the bones and teeth as well as eliminate the toxins in the body. You can get vitamin C from ascorbic acid and sodium ascorbate supplements. Its recommended dosage is 500mg a day.

On Buying Supplements
Before you go out to buy these supplements, make sure that you only get them from reputable stores and only get those supplements with well-known brands. You don’t want to settle for substandard supplements that may potentially harm your body. If you are having a hard time looking for high quality supplements, you can check out 4life productos online. And before making a purchase, don’t forget to check the packages for any leaks or damage.

These supplements are all the ones you will need to keep yourself healthy. You should keep in mind that you can’t stay healthy without avoiding unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol and staying up at night for too long. In addition to taking these supplements, you have to exercise regularly and eat healthy foods as much as possible. And just to make sure you don’t have any health problems, have yourself checked by a physician every now and then.

Parenting ADHD Children

Parenting ADHD Children

In module 4 of Parenting Your ADHD Child, Dr. Svec discusses the need to create an environment of discipline in the home.



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Parenting Children with Life-Limiting Illness — Trailer

Parenting Children with Life-Limiting Illness — Trailer

With a grant from Genzyme, NTSAD has produced this video– Parenting Children with Life-Limiting Illness : Coping, Caring, Suriving — to help lessen the isolation that parents feel and to give them hope. The film consists of five NTSAD families representing the broad diversity of the NTSAD community discussing with frank honesty and humor everything from coping with the diagnosis, siblings, marriage, care choices and end-of-life. The full video (44:00) is distributed with a comprehensive guide for use by both families and the medical professionals who care for these families. THE FULL VIDEO AND GUIDE WILL BE AVAILABLE BEGINNING APRIL 15. To order, contact or 800-906-8723.

Parenting Tips for Toddlers: 5 Essential Rules for Communicating With Young Children

Parenting Tips for Toddlers: 5 Essential Rules for Communicating With Young Children

Read the rest and leave a comment:

Parenting Tips for Toddlers:
In this TEACHable Moments video, I’m sharing 5 essential rules for communicating with young children. It’s important that we remember the sensitive stages of development and choose to work WITH our kids.

Want to Go From Chaos to Cooperation in 10 Days?

Lori Petro I TEACH through Love
Speaker / Parent Educator / Child Advocate

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Parenting Seminar | Child is not our servant | Parenting Tips for Children in Hindi

Parenting Seminar | Child is not our servant | Parenting Tips for Children in Hindi

Parenting Seminar | Child is not our servant | Parenting Tips for Children in Hindi
One minute praising… One minute Goals… One minute Reprimands techniques help parent and children to develop confidence, happiness and satisfaction in their relationship and study success.
Topics :
Secrets of Successful Parenting
Discover different ways to enjoy
Quality Family Time Together
Learn prerequisite of Successful Parenting
Learn to create healthy and growing environment for your child
Understand child psychology and studies
Manage your child’s fears and phobias for exam
Develop healthy self-esteem in your child
Improve Your and Teens Relationship and Communication
Assess your parenting style for teamwork and family unity

Dr.Sneh Desai says that your child deserves respect of course because they are humans. You have to understand their wishes & choices & you should give respect to their personal dreams.
parenting workshop activities..
parenting workshops..
parenting skills workshop..
positive parenting..
positive parenting..

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1966 Suzy Homemaker Washer

1966 Suzy Homemaker Washer

This is a battery powered toy washer and the owner is giving us the history and a demo of it.

Parenting Tip: Children Love to Learn!

Parenting Tip: Children Love to Learn!

Glenn Doman, founder of The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential, teaches parents about how children love to learn, and how this desire to learn must not be ignored.
To learn more about Glenn Doman and his work, visit:

An introduction to the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential’s work with well children for over 50 years. Pioneers in how to teach your child to read and maximize your chld’s intelligence.

Parent Courses on How to Maximize your Child’s Intelligence.
Children can learn absolutely anything we can teach in an honest, factual and joyous way!

• Maximize the potential within your child.

• Tiny children are ready to read.

• Increase your child’s ability for learning.

• Babies want to learn right now.

• Strengthen your bond with your baby.

• Give your child the gift of learning.

• Learn how to teach your child.

The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential will show you a world of possibilities.

How to Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence Course

PARENTS COME FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD to The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential to learn how to significantly increase the intellectual, physical, and social abilities of their children. How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence is a comprehensive course designed to provide mothers and fathers with the essential information they need to create an enriched home environment for their children. Perfect for Homeschooling and infant learning.

Book available here:

Suzy Homemaker Super Grill, I Make 2nd Breakfast!

Suzy Homemaker Super Grill, I Make 2nd Breakfast!

I make breakfast! Check out this Suzy Homemaker Super Grill in action. What a cool toy. Watch me make 2 meals.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: This was a areal blast to play with! I had fun making both breakfasts on video. This worked great! Imagine having this Super Grill back on 1968! You were probably the coolest kid on block. What was your favorite? 1st or 2nd breakfast?


▶▶ Skip Times ◀◀
0:07 Intro/Box Details
1:59 Grill Parts & Features
3:21 Time To Cook Breakfast (Sausage Links)
6:27 Frying Eggs
7:56 Time To Eat!
10:28 Making Pancakes & Sausage Patties (2nd Breakfast)
21:50 Time To Eat!

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Suzy Homemaker Super Grill by Topper Toys

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“スージー主婦スーパー グリル” “Surirumah Suzy Super Grill” “Dona Super Grill” “Домохозяйка Сюзи супер гриль” “Parrilla Super Suzy ama de casa” “ย่างซุปเปอร์แม่บ้านควบคุม” “Suzy nội trợ siêu nướng”

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Dr. Lilian Katz: What Should Children Be Learning? | 92Y Parenting & Family

Dr. Lilian Katz: What Should Children Be Learning? | 92Y Parenting & Family | Dr. Katz was our first presenter during the 2012 Wonderplay Early Childhood Education Conference, and had the audience enthralled by her presentation. She discussed the four principles of structural engineering that line up with principles of a good foundation for educating children. She went on to outline the four questions that any curriculum should answer. An important take away from this lecture was that children always learn, not necessarily what you want them to learn.

Parenting Expert Has Nerve To Tell You How To Raise Your Own Goddamn Kids

Parenting Expert Has Nerve To Tell You How To Raise Your Own Goddamn Kids

Did Jim’s mom fail him? Watch an extended clip here

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1960s commercial for Topper Toys’ Suzy Homemaker items which allowed girls to “…wash dishes, clean house, launder, iron….and always look lovely.” What could be more fun??!!

To buy classic movies, serials, westerns and vintage television shows on DVD — plus original movie posters, golden & silver age comics, celebrity autographs and collectibles, be sure to visit

Parenting Children that don’t exist

Parenting Children that don’t exist

This vlog is a part of the Gifted Homeschoolers Forum blog hop for July 2014. – Gifted Homeschoolers Forum

Jenn and Charlie Talk about Parenting a Child with Autism

Jenn and Charlie Talk about Parenting a Child with Autism

Happy Mother’s Day! Boyer mothers and fathers are some of the strongest parents out there. In this clip Jenn and Charlie talk about the unique challenges and demands that come with parenting a child with autism. Today we celebrate all of our strong and loving Boyer mothers and fathers!

Motivating Strong-Willed Children (Calm Christian Parenting)

Motivating Strong-Willed Children (Calm Christian Parenting)

Your child was born with boxing gloves on, ready to fight. Well-meaning people tell you to clamp down on and get control of your child. But you don’t want to crush their spirit or create more defiance. So how can you actually take advantage of this strong will and use it to help your child be successful? Come learn how to motivate even the most strong-willed children.

To book Kirk at your church or school, call 888-506-1871. Visit for more info.

Weekly Vlog February 9th 2015 | The Life of a Homemaker

Weekly Vlog February 9th 2015 | The Life of a Homemaker

This was my first attempt at a weekly vlog of some sort. This is a lot harder than it looks, folks! I know it’s not very fluid, but at least it’s something and I didn’t want to just trash all the clips :)

Welcome to my channel! I’m a Stay at home Mom and am currently expecting baby #3!

Instagram: thelifeofahomemaker

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